• From Sicily to Vancouver

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We had an amazing experience visiting Sicily and of course my dad's home town of Nicosia, Sicily. 

I was on a quest to find Sicily's authentic cannoli.  We were stationed in Catania and visited the beautiful parts of Taormina, Siracusa and of course Nicosia.  I found that in Taormina we experienced more of a generic cannoli being its a major cruise ship destination.  Siracusa did not disappoint with some of the best and ultimate seafood ever eaten.  The more we visited coffee shops and bakeries, I was very disappointed to know that they bought their cannoli shells rather than make their own due to cost and staffing.  Last but not least we visited Nicosia and our cousins bakery and a coffe bar called Bar Diana.  This is where I was completely blown away with the cannoli.  They were completely handcrafted and filled to perfection with the right filling and garnish. 


Sam Pero